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Tawang Monastery, India Tawang is a small town ensconced in the high mountain side of the Himalayas. At about 9500 -11000 feet, it is as if you are on the top of the green HImalayas and a few kilometres on the other side lies Tibet, barren and colder. I happened to be in Tawang many years ago in April and it was lush green, cold, beautiful and snowing.

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Taken during my 4200 Km solo motorbike ride to Bhutan and North Eastern Himalayan states in India. Location : Tawang (En-route to Bum La), Arunachal Pradesh, India Discover India, Hassle Free with

Shonga-tser / Sangetser / Shungetser / Madhuri Lake, Tawang District, Arunachal Pradesh.

Situated 10000 feet high above Sea Level and surrounded by lakes, Tawang beauty reaches out to your eyes and moves towards your soul.