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a green book cover with the title research for historical fiction how to meet the challenge
Research for Historical Fiction – How to Meet the Challenge
a sign that reads do this sentence test to learn if your novel has a strong enough story
The One-Sentence Test: Do You Have Enough Story? | Nathaniel Tower
A 1-sentence test to see if your novel has enough plot
the cover of how to write atmosphere, with trees silhouetted in the background and text
Creating Atmosphere Effectively - House of Cadmus
a pink background with the words one look dictionary search in white on top of it
OneLook Dictionary Search and Thesaurus
OneLook Dictionary Search
a cat sitting on top of a wooden table next to books and a bowl with succulents
How to Outline Your Novel with the Save the Cat! Beat Sheet
an underwater photo with the words how to write in deep pov
Writing in Deep POV
someone typing on an old typewriter with the words how to create strong pacing for your story
How to Create Strong Pacing For Your Story — Well-Storied.
the right way and the wrong way to foreshadow by helenn witers
The Right Way and the Wrong Way to Foreshadow a Story
Better Writing, Story Writing Prompts, Book Writing Inspiration, Creative Writing Prompts
Psychopath 1: How to Write The Perfect Psychopath