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feather tattoo- dream rib tattoo... just need the guts to go and have it done

My second tattoo. After i had a stroke at feathers became a symbol to me of freedom from the confines of body, being on the right path, a reminder to live each day. My mom and I both got a feather tattoo on the 1 yr anniversary of my strokes.

Traditional core exercises, like crunches or bicycle, are great for sculpting your upper abdominals and obliques. But they barely touch those pesky lower abs, making toning this trouble spot quite a challenge for most of us. If you want to really flatten and sculpt your belly, you have to make sure …

Victoria's Secret Angels' trainer Mary Helen Bowers shares how to get rid of thigh jiggle with her super-effective inner thigh workout.

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10 Tummy-Tightening Foods Green Tea: Natural caffeine can help speed up your metabolism and keep you energized to burn more calories throughout the day. Plus, green tea contains antioxidants to help rid your body of toxins.