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I really like this type of texture, as it is rough/tough but fragile at the same time, which I think is a good comparison to some peoples personalities even. I feel something with a non-literall meaning behind it (like my comparison with it to a personality) could be a good theme for a speaker, or any product for that matter.

Kärsämäki+Church+/+Anssi+Lassila+–+Lassila+Hirvilammi The shingles are made of aspen by splitting and then finished by whittling. Finally, they are dipped in the hot tar prior to being fixed in place.

Another example of texture  and form. There is a subtle gradation in value that not only creates the illusion of texture but also depth space, and movement.

Noriko Ambe, A Piece of Flat Globe 2008 made with cut Yupo & glue, from Exhibition 4 "Second Nature", directed by Tokujin Yoshioka at DESIGN SIGHT, Tokyo Photo by Masaya Yoshimura