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Transport Management

Live planning, real-time vehicle tracking, load optimisation, daily order scheduling, route planning and vehicle scheduling, home delivery logistics and territory management are all areas that will be optimised by implementing 121 Systems' range of transportation software tools.
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Office Depot Case Study-121 Systems

Roadnet - Routing Software for Delivery Companies Roadnet is routing software for delivery companies that allows distributors to tackle a variety of challenges faced daily in logistics intensive environments. Tight time windows, rising fuel costs, organising high order volumes, fluctuating traffic conditions and managing resources can all be effectively managed using routing software for delivery companies.

Territory Planner - Plan tactical routes using territory planning software. By implementing strategic logistics planning software such as Territory Planner, enterprises will be able to respond to these scenarios quickly and efficiently and at minimum cost.

Roadnet Transportation Suite - Fully Integrated Logistics Planning Software. Truly integrated transport management system for seamless transport planning,it enables day-to-day challenges affecting your company to be remedied.

NetScheduler - Route Scheduling Software NetScheduler enables organisations to present customers with date and time windows and schedule deliveries at point of order capture. A customer’s ability to select their own delivery date and time window provides daily challenges for home delivery companies that this order promise software solves.

Roadnet Performance Dashboard - Web based application for measuring daily transport success. Roadnet Performance Dashboard is a web based application that enables transport managers to view their businesses in a ’ bigger picture.

Transvision Web Portal - Visibility of logistics operations throughout an organisation. Transvision Web Portal is a web based extension of planning system – Fleet Planner. It is a specially designed web page which gathers information from a multitude of sources and displays it in a uniform way.

Roadnet Info Center - Analyse Historical and Real-Time Transport Data Roadnet Info Center®records routes, deliveries, signatures, times and distances, building up a picture over time to show you what you’re doing right – and where things are going wrong.

Transvision Fleet Planner - It is aimed at those enterprises that are looking for more than a routing and scheduling solution,which is designed for dispatching and real-time optimisation which helps companies achieve agility and efficiency in highly demanding and dynamic planning environments.