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Cute Quote - God
a drawing of a person holding a paintbrush with the words que la relacidad no o papage tus fantassianas
¡Las Frases y Citas De La Semana Para Recordar!
Frases De La Semana
an older man with glasses and beards in front of some other men's faces
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Robin Williams Quote... heartbreaking and, oh too very, true
a poster with the words i don't care on it, and an image of a
Therapy Quotes to Make You Think
Therapy Quotes to Make You Think
johnny depp is shown with the caption for his song, jesli kohasz
`Very interesting thought. I think about the song "Here comes tomorrow" by the Monkees where Davy sung about all the girls he loved then said, Look out, here comes tomorrow, wish I was some other guy, Look out, here comes tomorrow, Oh how I wish tomorrow would never come" He had to make a choice.
She's broken because she believed. Betrayal quotes on True Quotes, Shes Broken, Believe Quotes, Motiverende Quotes, Trendy Quotes, Komik Internet Fenomenleri, Reality Quotes, Feelings Quotes, Quotes Deep
She's broken because she believed. Betrayal quotes on
the text is shown in black and white
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List of 45 Great life lessons to life by.
an image with the words tengo mibo de herr el coran de alquen por que porquese como
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Note with content: EL PRINCIPITO #PalabrasLibres
a jar with the words que tus suenos written in spanish and english on it
Mejores Frases del Día
Una de las mejores frase del día que viene bien recordar cada mañana al…
an ink drawing of a man standing on top of a hill with words written in spanish
Vinilos de frases pared - Compra aquí!
Vinilo infantil - Pequeño príncipe
a drawing of a boy sitting on top of a rock
frases del principito
a black and white photo with the words i will not beg you for your time or try
I will not beg for anyone's time anymore. I'm here and I'm content in my solitude.I have much to offer but not just to anyone. And whomever decide that they are up for the challenge with great intention not a game will have extremely high walls to work on knocking down. I will not play the games of the foolish hearts with no intention of a future. I will not invest time in someone that I don't see a potential future with. That would be selfish and cruel to the heart of the pursued. If you ha...