Briony Ramsden

Briony Ramsden

Leeds / Once Upon A Time... Surface Designer for Fashion and Interiors | Lover of all things beautiful
Briony Ramsden
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It is more beautiful, more powerful and more capable of achieving the greatest things you could ever imagine in your life! It is only my greatness that scares me, but do not doubt, it is who I am!

I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.  -F. Scott Fitzgerald    This lovely quote from

F Scott Fitzgerald Quote - Variety of Life Inspirational Quote - Literary Art Print - Flapper Author - Great Gatsby Typewriter Quote

There is so much I wanna do with my hair but I'm not brave enough to dye all my hair, UGH ~Abi

Drapetomia (n) overwhelming urge to run away

Drapetomania (Came from the slave days, and was considered a medical disease which needed curing if a slave was wanting to escape. So, metaphorically speaking, this word can be used as a noun if you feel trapped and ache for escape.

nice Asthete (adj.) Someone with deep sensitivity to the beauty of art or nature....

Asthete (adj.) Someone with deep sensitivity to the beauty of art or nature. - Science And Nature

One of my all-time favorite pics of him;) Love you, Kurt!!

In his first year of school, Cobain was known as the inquisitive student with the Snoopy lunchbox, one of the only children bold enough to pose for a photo with a bear cub that was brought in for show-and-tell.

Thursday Evening By Claire Desjardins

Well, now I know what to do with all of my paint samples I won't be using. After all, one of my bedroom walls did look like this. Thursday Evening By Claire Desjardins, @ anthropologie