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EC is for Vaani Sidhi... What you speak will manifest... Beware on this before Speaking... especially CURSing someone or self-sabotage. Remember the story of Midas touch boon for King, who touched himself and became full Gold Statue

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For Body pain Soak your body in water charged with this EC ! You may bathe with it, of course charge drinking water too and sip it through out the day! CONTINUE-BE-CHANGE-BE.

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7.3.16's Defusing word :Zeal Zeal is for defusing apathy, indifference and lethargy. Zeal brings passion and enthusiasm into the current focus. Zeal creates a keen interest. Zeal gives diligence wherever it is applied, and increases focus and dedication.

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CORONA – connect to Source within; fill with light energy; attach to life energy In a Deep Contemplation EC.

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Find a perfect Job, EC with a magical Sigil to manifest a desired work profile. Neyha M Lelwani

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