L’illustratrice sud-africaine Iantha Naicker

Cute Animal Pencil Drawings

South Africa-based artist and illustrator Iantha Naicker has created an adorable series of animal drawings. Using color pencils and watercolors, her playful animals are seen “tangled up” in the lines of a notebook.

The 77-storey MahaNakhon tower topped out in 2015, becoming the tallest building in the Thai capital at 314 metres. As the project neared completion last year, a series of images posted on Instagram displayed its sculptural exterior form.

Ole Scheeren’s pixellated MahaNakhon tower photographed by Hufton + Crow

In this photoset, British photographers Hufton + Crow turn their lens toward Büro Ole Scheeren’s ‘dissolving’ MahaNakhon tower in Bangkok.

3D Illusion Sketchbook Drawings

3D Illusion Sketchbook Drawings

Funny pictures about Illusion Sketchbook Drawings. Oh, and cool pics about Illusion Sketchbook Drawings. Also, Illusion Sketchbook Drawings photos.

Danny Quirk  The idea of skin wrapping around the body structure

In the photo-realistic series Anatomical Self-Dissections, artist Danny Quirk depicts several subjects performing dissections on their own bodies.

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