Happy Days

'Happy' together

Was really great in the beginning about a family and teens going to Arnolds and freaking out at Cool Fonzie and his women. It carried on for years and maybe too long after Richie left the show.However, We had Joanie and Chachie.

Worzel Gummidge and Aunt Sally

You wear it well, Worzel, er... Rod

Worzel Gummidge and Aunt Sally. My fave childhood programme :)

Crush on Corona Pop delivery driver!

Corona fizzy pop - Limeade - back for returning the glass bottle!

The Magic Roundabout

The Magic Roundabout (known in the original French as Le Manège enchanté ) the classic kids programme created in France in 1963 by Serge .

Texan Bar Please bring it back!! These were the tastiest chewiest bar of toffee/ chocolate ever!

Texan Bar Please bring it back! These were the tastiest chewiest bar of toffee/ chocolate ever! My husband gets very emotional when he talks about Texan bars - bless him.


Slade had many tracks that were amongst the coolest songs from Glam era. Bangin' Man and the more familiar Run Runaway are classics.


My favourite - Morph! He used to be on Tony Hart's art programme

Only had the scarf, wanted the trousers!

How to wear tartan and braces, according to Scottish pop group The Bay City Rollers.


Muji Penguin skittles - a wonderful Stocking filler idea- A fun game for children and adults alike, the set comes with ten wooden skittles and a ball in a drawstring pouch. Made from FSC wood.

loved my Sindy doll


It said a lot about a person whether they preferred to play with Barbie or Sindy. And it wasn't just about where you lived - Sindy was born and .