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very black-and-white and no-gray-tones Film Noir world, particularly in the hands of a master like Mr. Welles in films like The Third Man

British Film Noir and The Third Man (1949)

Similar to other international noir genres, British film noir hardly fits the rigid categorical definition of noir based on Hollywood films. It does, however, contain many of the conventions and tr…

The Dutch tilt is both visually and emotionally a very powerful camera angle! If used correctly it can pull your audience's attention in to a scene like no other shot! Learn how to use this unique camera angle here!

Dutch angle shot

Today the assignment on Digital Photography School was to do a "dutch angle shot". These are shots taken at an angle to give a somewhat mysterious (film noir-ish) look. Think Hitchcock... Here is my first attempt at doing this. I'd like to play around with this some more to figure out the best angle. I also think shooting it from a lower perspective would increase the effect. This was shot at 10mm (cropped body) f3.5 1/25 sec.

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Dutch Angle Ferris Wheel by Zoe HS Angles, Dutch Angle, Iphone Photography, Tilt, Short Film, Ferris Wheel, Photo Ideas, Minimalism, Composition

Flickr Friday: The Dutch Angle Selection

Thank you all for sharing your #DutchAngle photos for last week’s Flickr Friday in the Flickr Friday group pool. Here is a selection of our favorites. You can enjoy and share more examples of…

DUTCH TILT: Also known as the Dutch angle or oblique angle; is a camera shot set at an angle so that the horizon appears cropped or at an angle. This compositional method is supposed to create a sense of of drama or uneasiness. Photography Articles, Photography Portfolio, Image Photography, Dutch Angle, High Angle, Angles, Types Of Shots, Camera Movements, Cityscape Photography

Photography Cliches

Photography has fashion trends, just like any other creative industry. Some enterprising soul will be playing around and come up with a new look that catches on, and before long, the world is awash in copycat photos. Some of these techniques will continue on long after the novelty has worn off and become almost a [...]

Two uyghur men on a Dutch angle

Instagram post by Hugh Hamilton • May 17, 2017 at 6:37am UTC

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