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a heart shaped frame with flowers on it and the words march 9th written in pink
March 19 💞
a bunch of yellow tulips with the words march 6
a teddy bear sitting in the grass next to some flowers and leaves with a message written on it
March 29 💞
red flowers with the words march 30 on it
a prayer for the day march 8, with an image of a dove flying above it
a card with the words and flowers on it, which reads march 21 and the peace of
flowers and a butterfly with the words march 29
March 29 💞
a small kitten with flowers on it's head and the words, march 9
March 9 💞
a brown dog sitting in front of a rocking chair with flowers and butterflies on it
Divine Inspiration And Prayers, March 14, Gods Love, Divine Mercy
March 14 💞
a card with flowers and the words, may for the lord your god is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemys to give you victory
a red and gold card with an image of a heart in the middle, surrounded by flowers
March 14 💞