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Contemporary Weaving using strips of satin through leather - pattern & texture; innovative fabric manipulation // Martina Spetlova

Set of 3 Wall Tiles - Ceramic Wall Tile - Porcelain Ceramic Wall Sculpture

"Set of 3 Micro Tiles - Textured Porcelain Ceramic Decorative Wall Sculpture Decor" by elementclaystudio

White art | Michael Kukla, American-Czech sculptor and fIne artist. "Michael Kukla creates organic surfaces by drilling and grinding out cellular-like structures in marble or plywood slabs." This organically designed sculpture looks like a macro of white coral. (More info: and #white #texture #art

Not technically a flower, but how cool is this lichen! (10 points for anyone who can tell me what it is!)

The Petal Water Wall - a waterfall wall made of masses of petals of mirror polished stainless steel

I love pictures like this! All that rust, with little mossy bits. And so much texture. Awesome! by Periegese.