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5 Trips You Can’t Afford To Miss In Your 20s >>> Although said in a completely different context, but somehow it seems so apt in what I am going to tell you today. Yes, your 20s. It’s the time when your parents don’t believe in you, when you want to conquer the world but enjoy your most at the same time. Well! If you are in your 20s this article is for you to take action & if you are past that age, then just read on & enjoy the good memories you already have with these trips. #travel


To Boost Up Adventure Interest Among People, Karnataka Tourism Makes Strong Efforts >> With the motive to gain more tourism, the #Karnataka government is leaving no leaf turned. The Karnataka government has declared 2017 as "the year of the wild.” This initiative aims to promote adventure tourism in the state and not restricted to wildlife tourism. This initiative is launched by the chief minister Siddaramaiah.

The 434-Km-Long Srinagar-Leh Highway Gets Closed For This Winter >>> The Srinagar-Leh highway which connects the Ladakh region with the Kashmir valley will be closed until the winter months. Usually the 434-km-long strategic highway is closed from the 1st December but because of the dry weather the highway was open. #Leh #Jammu

A Permanent Refuge Hut Built At Rohtang To Save People From Blizzard >>> Blizzards, sudden snowfall, high velocity winds and unpredictable weather are the events which keep happening every other day at the mountain pass in #Manali. And thus during such emergency, A permanent rescue hut has been built on #RohtangPass top where people in an emergency can take refuge.

Ways Travelling Helps in Overcoming Anxiety >>> “Anxiety Disorder”, for a long time, is misunderstood as a mental disorder. Due to this many people suffering from this problem hesitate to talk about it with Doctor or even their loved ones thereby worsening their condition further. #Anxiety is a vicious circle. Once stuck, it is difficult to come out. #Travel

Himachal Pradesh Welcomes Its First Snowfall Of The Season >>> On Saturday, mild snowfall was witnessed in the #Dhaulandhar ranges of #Kangra district and rain in the other adjoining areas. This broke the dry atmosphere of #Himachal Pradesh where the mercury dipped marginally. With a marginal drop in mercury, the sky stayed overcast in the mid hills which included the state capital #Shimla, further experiencing rain shower.

Maruthu Flowers Glory The High Ranges Of Kerala >>> The fascinating feature of the Maruthu flower is that initially in the first two months, these flowers will bloom in white color, but later, gradually they will turn into a radiant red flower before falling. #Kerala

Ladakh Bagged The Award For One Of The Best Adventure Tourism Destinations >>> The efforts of the tourism department of #Jammu and #Kashmir are paid off as Leh (#Ladakh) bagged the award for being one of the best adventure tourism destinations. This happened on Friday (2nd December) at a glittering ceremony held in the Union Capital.


Permits To Visit Rohtang Pass Are Now Closed >>> If you are planning to experience the freezing winters of #Manali and planning to experience the thunder of #RohtangPass here is a bad news for you. Due to the Overcast sky and chances of snowfall, the online systems of issuing permits for Rohtang Pass have been shut down.

Safari Service Will Be Launched To Promote The Rich Forests Of Srinagar >>> There is good news for the wildlife lovers as Safari will soon be launched in #Jammu and Kashmir. Yes, you read that right, to promote the abandon forests of Jammu and #Kashmir, #safari services will be introduced in the city forest areas.