Popsicle stick photo puzzle - I love this. I could put photos of book covers on the sticks for my puzzle center.

toddler “busy bag” swap!

Amy b i will have to borrow some of those wooden stick from you:) Toddler "Busy Bag" Swap. Great for winter, restaurants, waiting rooms, car rides, plane trips. 20 activities including this popsicle stick puzzle!

bead maze - fine motor and coordination. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources.  Follow all our boards at http://pinterest.com/sostherapy  for therapy resources.

I've been working on a book like this for over a year, and just need a few more ideas to finish it. Quiet book - 150 and more ideas, tutorials and patterns maybe with a train bead

We’re choo-choo for this train-in-a-box idea! Draw some tracks, make tunnels out of cardboard tubes and let your child’s imagination fill in the rest.

Train Tracks Small World in a Cardboard Box

DIY Train Tracks Small World made from a cardboard box. Plenty of room for lots of imagination here! Add a cereal box train station, cardboard tube tunnels and train tracks drawn with markers.

Pool noodles fit perfectly over 1/2" PVC pipe-- oh the possibilities! :)

Pool Noodles and PVC Pipe

Idea for outside Hurdle for Olympics at home! Pool Noodles & PVC Pipe - the noodles fit perfectly with PVC pipe (",)

Squirrel scroll saw pattern. Animal Puzzles for the Scroll Saw.

Create Fascinating Puzzles of Your Furry and Feathered Friends From kittens to koalas, bulldogs to bears, penguins to pigs.

10 Outdoor Math Activities: Kid's Co-op ~ Reading Confetti

Making Math Fun with DIY Number Rocks at B-Inspired Mama. Mary Catherine from Fun-A-Day shared these ingenious rocks. The possibilities to practice math skills is endless!

Geoboards!  So many great skills to build.  #visual perceptual #OT #visuomotor #fine motor    I need to make a set of these with a set of cards.  Also filing this under "Make time for this!"

Make a Geoboard!

More ideas
I ❤️ Numicon. The tactile and visual element it adds to number is fantastic. At the moment in Reception we are really just at the exploration stage, so I've but putting the numicon out with the pai...

Use aqua beads with numicon shapes. Fish out a shape, then fill it in with beads, counting out loud!

Easy to make no sew quiet book page

Childrens Quiet Busy Activity Book- Toddler Baby- Activity Book-Felt-Fabric Just the picture.

5aa6d90478fd77958fad5270e46fd0ab.jpg 620×349 pixels

Adorable quiet book page ideas - diy felt "paper chain" page! Use various fasteners - Velcro, snaps, buttons, magnets, etc

Numicon in Playdough on rockmyclassroom.com

Numicon in Playdough links fine motor skills with the familiarisation of Numicon shapes

This would be great with varying textures, too! Memory Match Game--good idea, could make different tiles for it as the child grew too.

Tutorial for memory match page. Good ideas for making it. Simple Quiet Book Series - Part 4 - Memory Match Game--good idea, could make different tiles for it as the child grew too.

cf971a798737db0d9d2ac8f32c024024.jpg (736×981)

Using wheat hoops to fill in the Numicon spaces- helps support understanding of conservation of number. (Please be aware may cause an allergic reaction for those with nut allergies)

Baby chicks.....icandy handmade: (iCandy) Quiet Book Part 1

This would be great as one page. Mama hen could snap open, and eggs with baby chicks inside could be underneath her. Put cord on baby chicks to take them out and have them play around mama. Cute little quiet time toy idea.for someone with kids.

Quiet Book Templates - brilliant ideas for a home made interactive book for children.

Laundry quiet book page - My mom made Quiet Time Books for us when we were kids. I LOVED them. - DIY and Crafts

quiet book cover tutorial

Greatest Quiet Book Ever! Tons of quiet book page ideas, quiet book cover tutorial, and free templates!