Porch greeters

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three wooden reindeers with plaid bows on their heads
Three reindeer
Special order three reindeer similar to customer's picture.
a snowman with a hat and scarf on top of a table
Snowman Pattern, Wooden Snowman, Primitive Snowman Pattern, Primitive E-pattern, Holiday Folk Art, Country Patterns, Wooden Snowman, Decor - Etsy
a wooden sign that says winter it's for the birds and a birdhouse
E-PATTERN Winter... It's for the Birds Wood Craft DIY Pattern
a scarecrow sitting in front of a house with a sign above it that says autumn blessing
Mail Out PATTERN Autumn Blessings Large Sitting Scarecrow Wood Craft DIY Pattern Packet - Etsy
a wooden statue of a man holding a pumpkin and a bird on his shoulder, with a sunflower in the foreground
Sunset Vista Designs Scarecrow Porch Greeter 36 "