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Premium Pu Erh Teas & Post-Fermented Black Tea

6 Mountains, located in Canada, is here to provide you with the best quality tea named Pu Erh. We offer you Pu Erh, the most refreshing tea prepared with gourmet and premium.
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from High Quality Premium Pu Erh tea & Post-Fermented Black Tea

High Quality Pu Erh Tea by 6Mountainstea

High quality Pu erh tea from famous 6 Tea Mountains of Yunnan is available at very competitive prices.


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We have found a 45 years old tea. Come here to know

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High #Quality #Loose #Leaf #Tea in #Canada. Order Now at 6 Mountains Pu Erh Tea.

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Experience the rich history and healing power of #Pu #Erh #Loose #leaf #tea by ordering it online ----6MountainsTea

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Buy Organic #Loose #Leaf #Tea #Canada. Click on the image to see benefits of this tea.


Buy Organic Loose Leaf Tea in Canada

7 Good Reasons to Drink Loose Leaf Tea!

Fine #Chinese #Pu #Erh #Tea is prized for its otherworldly Flavors and aromas, which Vancouverites are increasingly learning to appreciate.

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A fully grown pu-erh tea leaf could be as long as an adult's hand span.

Pu Erh Tea Premium Quality Healthy & Gourmet Tea

We sell only High Quality #Pu #Erh #Tea - 6 Mountains Pu Erh Tea

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Click on this image to know the Benefits of Pu Erh Tea in Your Life. A Dose for your healthy life.

Know the Benefits of Pu Erh Tea