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“It’s called the Laura Desk, and Klebba initially designed it for ShowPDX, a biyearly Portland-based furniture design competition. While the finished product is done up in the customer’s choice of ash, cherry, walnut or white oak, Klebba first worked it out using plywood and maple scraps for the top and legs, respectively.”

The Laura Desk, designed by Klebba for ShowPDX (Portland-based furniture design competition). The finished product is done up in the customer’s choice of ash, cherry, walnut or white oak.

California juice bar

Juice Served Here opened its first juice bar in in Los Angeles. Bells & Whistles designed the interior, furniture, and bespoke brand items.

Restaurant Interior Design

Restaurant Basilico - Sofia - Basilico food & drink - Sofia, Bulgaria - 2012 - Fimera Design Studio I like the panel for behind a front desk or even desk design

Коллекция Sofia Manigliona - Межкомнатные элитные двери - Фабрика Софья

Sexy slim door handle design with a twist 😉

Victor Vasilev for Boffi

Bookcase CTline bookshelf designed by Victor Vasilev. From a particular angle, this construction looks nothing like a bookshelf, but rather a minimalistic art installation.

Фото — PROJECT № 115 — Дизайн интерьеров

slatted ceiling in porch (either leading forward to existing front door, or left and right and bedroom wing or main house.

Alpenglow sofa by Wilmer Chaca

Sofa: AlpenglowDesigner: Wilmer Chaca© All rights reserved.

More ideas
These cubbies are in a desk but they'd be really useful in a roleplaying gaming table. - Eddi-Tornberg-3

Hidden storage desk unique part of modern furniture Desktop Unplugged designs Love how you get built in storage to keep clutter controlled that still looked sleek.

walnut desk by Phloem::: The back cross brace is visually heavy and awkward, but the tapering sides, letter pockets, and interesting drawers add a lot of interest.

phloem-laura-desk - Use of taper to allow the user to sit under the desk and still have storage



WHY: I chose this canvas because it looks rough to the touch and it gives the room a good look. The rough texture makes the room seem darker. DEF: Rough texture casts shadows, makes color seem darker space seem smaller.

Concave bookcase                                                                                                                                                      More

Joined + Jointed at LDF

Designer objects: shelving unit, A concave wood bookcase featured at London Design 2013

L'ArchiDesignClub est aujourd'hui la plus importante communauté française d'architectes. Créé en 2008, est le premier web Magazine français du secteur du design et de l'architecture.

EhoEho Studio : One-High Table

EhoEho Studio: One-High Table - ArchiDesignClub by Muuuz - Architecture & Design

I like the modern edge here

Luxury Homes Interior Design & Inspiration

If you're looking for inspiration for your kitchen remodel, what better place to look than to people who cook for a living? Restaurants and bars have to be both functional and stylish, and they're an excellent source of ideas for your kitchen. Here are ten of our favorite restaurant interiors from around the world, along with renovating ideas to steal from each one.

Steal the Style: 10 Restaurant Interiors to Inspire Your Kitchen Renovation

A Curious Teepee, a lifestyle store, café/ bar and social space in Singapore, curated around the idea of living curiously and finding inspiration in the everyday. Designed by Takenouchi Webb.