Illustrations by Florian Nicolle

Amazing Portrait Illustrations by Florian Nicolle

Florian Nicolle is a French graphic designer who has produced a collection of beautiful mixed media illustrations: a combination of dripped paint, newspaper overlays, line drawings and washes of tone.

Rachel Whiteread

Rachel Whiteread House Study (Grove Road) 1992 Correction fluid, pencil and watercolour on colour photocopy x 42 cm Courtesy the artist and Gagosian, London

harrietpophamtextiles: Embroidered Architecture - Prague /// this would be a great idea for a string study as it is unusual and really creative.

Intentionally Decayed Art - Mutilated Masterpieces by Valerie Hegarty (GALLERY)

Intentionally Decayed Art

Intentionally Decayed Art - Valerie Hegarty’s work involves copying and then modifying iconic paintings to make them look as if they have been pecked by birds, charred b.

Technicolour Towers - Sharon Elphick

Technicolour Towers - Sharon Elphick I like Eplhick's use of photography for the original imagery before she abstracts and appropriates it, similar to Nicholas Ballesteros' work.

Cigarettes butts can really harm the environment, especially beaches and the animals which live on them. Find out more about exactly what smoking does to the environment:

Surfrider Foundation teamed up with advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi LA to produce this environmental awareness campaign. They collected real trash from local beaches, packaged them up and brought them to local farmers’ markets.

Adriane Colburn, Forest for the Trees, 2010. Paper, ink jet prints, aluminium, steel, ink, paint.  Building a set of hanging terraria out of emphatically man-made materials like steel, aluminum, and paper, artist Adriane Colburn made this work in an effort to isolate the effects and pitfalls of human efforts to contain and commodify natural processes.

Harrowing Works of Art Inspired by Climate Change

nick frank

nick frank (The Jealous Curator)

cool collage idea  #senior girl scout collage badge

Chloe B- Create a collage of my series of coloured shoots so it roughly looks like the original image but the picture as a whole is made form cut up pieces of loads of images from the shoot.

El Barrio Bodega by artist Nicoletta de la Brown I just really liked the incorporation of something beautiful and floral and natural to a simple plastic bag, almost up-cycling or recycling it to turn it into something appealing again, and to help the environment that it is now inseparable from.

Embroidered Bodega Bags

El Barrio Bodega is a series of embroidered plastic bags by Brooklyn born, Baltimore based artist, Nicoletta Darita de la Brown. Nicoletta finds the bags on the streets and reclaims them with her embellishments.

Dante's Inferno, burned copy found on the street at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Photograph by Rosamond Purcell 1995 #decay #books #photography Bookworm: The Art of Rosamond Purcell

Art of the Peculiar, the Creepy and the Unfamiliar: The Photography of Rosamond Purcell

“Look and look again,” says Charlotte Heal. Taking shape and form as its starting point, her recent collaboration with photographer Mark Sanders stems from an interest in images that force you to look twice. Mark – whose "newspaper format project _Urbis_": we featured last year – recently got in touch to share the personal project the pair have worked on together.

Double take: a modern, fashion-led spin on the nude from Charlotte Heal and Mark Sanders