by Masako Kubo. Beautiful, simple color palette. I'm always amazed how good illustrators can do so much with so little. The bright orange escalator rails are just the trick to draw you attention to what's going on. Love the concept too.

Illustrator based in Japan. After receiving a non-art related BA degree and working for an ad agency in Tokyo, studied illustration at University College Falmouth in England.

Disguise - AQA Art  januz-miralles

Januz Miralles

// Artist: Januz Miralles {contemporary female head abstraction woman face portrait mixed media b+w grunge painting drips. Pinned by Ellen Rus.


It always amazes me how incredibly unique faces are and all the detail that changes in the different age groups. Heikki Leis - pencil and pen artist from Estonia - brilliant!

Artist: Jessica Rimondi {abstract male head portrait painting}

Artist: Jessica Rimondi {contemporary abstract male head portrait abstraction painting} Clearly shows the two side of oneself, and I would like to use the color vs black and white concept in my own art