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يلطفُ الله بك في لحظات يجتاح قلبك الصغير حزنٌ كبير! فيَسُوق لك كلمة طيّبة، أُناس لُطفاء، لحظة تخدِّر حزنك، بل تُنسيك إياه.. الحمدلله

Mecca, Saudi Arabia - regarded as the holiest city in the religion of Islam and a pilgrimage (Hajj) is obligatory for all able Muslims. Masjid Haram, Mecca Masjid, Islamic Images, Islamic Pictures, Islamic Art, Islamic Quotes, Mekka Islam, Journey To Mecca, Medina Mosque

The basics of Islamic pilgrimage by Bouley Matthew

The essential thoughts behind the religion of Islam are fivefold. These five things are more than simple notions. For the Muslim, they are mandatory. They are helpfully named in what Islam calls th...