Fused heads, Mutter Museum. One of my favorite places in one of my favorite cities.

atlasobscura: “ “ Fused skulls on display at the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia. ” Obscura Society New York: Road Trip to Philadelphia Medical oddities, an antique operating theater and.

2009 | UN Copenhagen Climate Change conference, has released an advertising campaign featuring spliced portraits collated by photographer John Clang. Print advertisements and a stop motion short film convey the message: “6.8 billion people. One Voice."

Hopenhagen Portraits Spliced

Baby - Mutter Museum

Cyclopia is a rare birth defect in which the body is unable to properly separate the two eye sockets so they remain merged as one. The majority of babies suffering this disease are stillborn but if they survive it is not usually for more than a few hours.

“This is how the heart sounds. Do not change the melody, this now, you and I, here together. Let this being with each other be heart-sound.

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Photo by Bohnchang Koo