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remember being "glued" to the wall? This was another fast, exciting ride at the fair that was a favorite of mine. When the spinning reached a certain speed, the bottom would drop. It was so cool! :)

Remember this ride? The barrel pins you to the wall while the floor drops! I haven't seen this in years. The previous Pinner said that this ride has been virtually eliminated from theme parks. I remember riding this at Six Flags Magic Mtn.

11 Irish delicacies we cannot live without. Crisp sandwich - "Famously invented by St Patrick himself, when he was up the Hill of Tara with just a batch loaf and a packet of Tayto".

A crisp sandwich in English chip sandwich chipwich potato chip sandwich crisp sarnie or chippy sandwich in North American or Australian English is

No ! Just because they treat you like a shit doesn't mean you have to put energy on the same game they're playing showing you' re not as different as they are, don't do that ! People of that kind are just building their way to a place maybe you can build too, but you really wanna be part of that? Is useless

Ok, so maybe I would like this more if it said that people who treat you like shit get offended when you cut them out of your life. I don't treat people like shit just cause they did it to me, I just kick them to the curb.