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20 Funny And Inspiring Ellie Kemper/Kimmy Schmidt Quotes

Ellie Kemper and her unforgettable Kimmy Schmidt character on Netflix's "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" show us how to lead a positive yet REAL life. Read these 20 funny Kimmy Schmidt quotes and Ellie Kemper quotes to laugh and be inspired.

30 Pictures To Bring Laughter To Your Day

30 Pictures To Bring Laughter To Your Day - Lol! I actually really like your friends. They are really good people and they are really good friends to you. You are a really good friend to them too.

38 Pretty Hilarious Quotes

Some people have pretty low standards and take whatever they can get, and go as low as they can just to please someone else, knowing that person thinks they're trash all along. Again, so very sad for women like this!