Beautiful work. Great line weights - AB _________________  Lucinda Rogers - London

Foundations of Drawing ---lucinda rogers drawing ink watercolour cityscape street scene london life construction gherkin rooftops skyline

Lucinda Rogers - New York

The Diamond District, New York

Lucinda Rogers, The Diamond District, Ink, crayon and watercolour on paper 25 x 18 cm Published in the Conran Magazine

Lucinda Rogers - Borough Market

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Absolutely love these illustrations by Lucinda Rogers ( - the splashes of colour really make this one. As shown on the ever-awesome Spitalfields Life blog.

check out the beautiful drawings of UK artist, Lucinda Rogers illustrator/ UK NYC drawings .

by Lucinda Rogers

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lucinda rogers drawing pen and ink Prints for Sale blue times square new york cityscape street scene traffic night

Mont St. Michel Looking Up by Lucinda Rogers

Lucinda Rogers - Mont St Michel Looking Up / Ink / Gouache / Crayon / On Cardboard Galette Box / 2005

lucinda rogers drawing ink new york city street scene cityscape phone booth bicycle

Lucinda Rogers works from life in pen, ink and watercolour in the tradition of the artist as reporter.