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Snow Queen Lodge Garden Project

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A story board of transforming an overgrown, over planted small garden into a magical, low maintenance garden with a wildlife pond.

We were told lilies were 'fussy' to grow and can sometimes never flower. We had three types and they all flowered. Had to be fed every 2 months but so little effort for the glorious display. The pond is crystal clear and a year on the gravel can be seen on the 1m+ bottom

Some of the damselflies fell into the pond when they emerged so we fished them out and allowed them to dry in the sun

Started an wildlife hedgerow with Elderberry, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Hazel and Sweet Chestnut. The hedge will grow around the fence and (eventually) we'll get back some privacy. Oh yes and the cats hate it!

Updates 1 year on: we took down the failing wooden fence at the back of the garden and chose an interlinked fence instead. Amazing amount of light now basks down the side of the garden and the orange blossom is thriving

This is the completed Snow Queen Garden Project and was spookily taken on the 29th July 2014

This was the start of the Snow Queen Garden Project and was taken on the 29th July 2013

We saw some real bruisers in the dragonfly family, but this one was the only one that settled long enough for a photo shoot