Ziegler German G=in3 PD

Ziegler German Gin is one of the very few German Gin distillers around. Ziegler was founded in 1865 in Freudenberg am Main. A gin, there's a fresh scent of juniper, supported by the complexity of the botanicals - unique.

Beautiful Six Ravens Gin Gold with 24 carat Gold limited edition #packaging PD

Beautiful Six Ravens Gin Gold with 24 carat Gold limited edition PD (Gin Bottle Design)

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Sharish Blue Magic Gin

Sharish Blue Magic Gin

A bright blue Portuguese gin from the Sharish range - the magnificent colour comes extracts of a flower known as blue pea, and when you mix the gin with tonic, it turns pink!



A contemporary take on a classic London Dry, we use fragrant handpicked Devon violets and fresh orange zest to deliver an aromatic sensation unlike any other.  We like to think the result is comparable to stumbling upon a beautiful orange blossom in the middle of a crisp, dry pine forest.  Only the best and most pure spirit (the heart) makes it into Tarquin’s Gin, which is diluted to bottling strength at 42% with Cornish spring water.

Stunning Cornish Gin, full of zest. Tarquin's Dry Gin is created in Cornwall and signed by chief-distiller Tarquin himself.

Hernö Old Tom Gin PD

Anmeldelse: Hernö Old Tom Gin

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In the heartland of the Ards Peninsula near Belfast lies a distillery that is as unique in both its ambition and in the techniques it employs.

Conker Dorset Dry Gin. 40 % ABV. Contemporary. Ten select botanicals, distilled and bottled at Dorset’s first gin distillery, nestled in the back streets of Bournemouth.Whilst still a proper classic gin, led by a dry Macedonian juniper heart, the subtle incorporation of the Dorset notes of elderberries, samphire and handpicked New Forest gorse flowers brings bright and refreshing lighter notes to Conker.

Conker Spirit is Dorset's first Gin Distillery. Contact us for more information on Conker Gin, the Dorset Dry.

The Birth of a Craft Distillery: Tommyrotter

The Birth of a Craft Distillery: Tommyrotter

Gin Premium Strawberry - Puerto de Indias

A subtle strawberry flavoured gin from Sevilla - unique and beautiful in equal measure. This pink strawberry gin is perfect as aperitif or used in cocktails