Creating art and Textured Painting with Natures Paint Brushes. What other every day objects can you make with things you find outdoors?

Textured Painting with Nature's Paint Brushes

"Textured Painting - Natures Paint Brushes" This is not just art, but art in nature! Go on a nature walk to gather 'schtuff!' Then use what you gather to create art or As art!

DIY Sensory/Music Wall for children with vision impairments. Simple layout to avoid visual clutter but enough items to provide experiences with cause and effect.

music sensory wall (drum cans, chimes, different size/texture/length tubes), just add sticks.

Wonderful water area! Thanks to one of our twinklers for sharing it with us :)

A water area. Could be adaped so you have water falling down different textured surfaces making noises