I’ve been in love with you from the start. From the moment when we said our first hello. ❤️ Ever been in love with someone from the start? From the moment you said your first hello? Love at first sight is a beautiful thing, and this quote is all about that first hello, the first time you saw your loved one. And how you knew that he or she was the one. ❤️

I'll never forget it. The first day I saw you. Scared me to death, because I think at that moment I already knew you were gonna be my ruin.

और दिन-ब-दिन यह प्यार गहरा होता जा रहा है।

और दिन-ब-दिन यह प्यार गहरा होता जा रहा है। Aur jitna samay milta hai usme so Rae ho tum

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