Wood Base Geometric Lamps by Score + Solder

Wood Base Geometric Lamps

Wood Base Geometric Lamps by Score + Solder cool lamp but would be nice as a terrarium too

peter trevelyan

Elaborate sculptures made from teeny tiny pencil leads fused together. This stunning work is by New Zealand artist Peter Trevelyan. He uses triangles as the basic unit for all of his work, and then builds from there.

Athipan Wongsuebyut

Research on Molecular Design: A symmetrical design showing the geometric design pattern.


Make Your Own Decahedron Himmeli Mobile Aunt Peaches - Make your own what now? Yes, this fantastic-looking mobile is a decahedron himmeli. Before you can say that five times fast, Aunt Peaches will have you making one for your own home

géométrie Janice Rihouay

géométrie Janice Rihouay