Belgian Malinois

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Belgian Malinois Dog, Malinois Dog

If you regularly spend hours playing fetch and go on two walks a day, but your pup is still running circles around you, you know what it’s like to raise a high-energy dog. These seemingly tireless canines are a joy …

Belgian Malinois Dog, Malinois Dog

Tips on keeping your dog safe on the road and at home.

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Belgian Malinois, Belgium Malinois

Belgian Malinois, Best Friends, Belgian Shepherd, Belgium Malinois

Belgian Malinois, Belgium Malinois

Each dog parent has the personal choice to decide on the level of training their pup receives. Depending on their temperament and lifestyle, full obedience training may not be a priority, but trainers and behaviorists agree that there is one …

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Sport mit älteren Hunden – was du unbedingt beachten solltest

How to Deal with an Overly Excited Dog: When people have an excited dog, they often try to run away from a situation. However, it's better to just help your excited dog through the situation.