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'Amnesia' detail - art by Lisa Kokin; this work is "Fauxliage" – fake leaves made from BOOK PAGES that have been SEWN to resemble Fall leaves; the artist chose the gingko leaf for the plant's use to improve memory and Rachel Carson's book Silent Spring as a metaphor that 'historical amnesia allows the repetition of past mistakes...'

Lisa Kokin | Art made from thread

Lisa Kokin alters books, text and memory by a complex system of destruction and preservation. There is as much meaning in what has been take...

Artist Lisa Kokin

'También Protegidos' / mixed media book collage -by Lisa Kokin

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Textile Portraits, How to Stitch Art, Artist Study with thanks to Lisa Kokin Studies for Art Students at CAPI :::, Mixed Media Textile Art School Portfolio Work Inspiration, Stitch, Sewn, Vintage Photography

Lisa Kokin | Sewn Found Photo Art

from buttons...

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Lisa Kokin | Buckaroo (detail) thread, book pages from Silent Spring, wire, 20 x 32 x 7 inches, 2011 - incorporates text from Lost River Buckaroos, a cowboy novel from the 1930s. The fragile ephemerality of the leaves stands in sharp contrast to the violence contained in the text.

Lisa Kokin | Art made from thread

Lisa Kokin :: Portfolio :: Sewn Photos

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Kisa Kokin, Leotard (detail), 2003, mixed media button work

Lisa Kokin | Art made from buttons

Lisa Kokin :: Portfolio :: Sewn Photos possibly with food samples?

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Mixed Media Art - sculpture made from recycled book pages, thread, beeswax, wire, mull & cotton batting // "Beginnings and Endings," Lisa Kokin

Lisa Kokin | Art made from thread