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Gay Love

Gay Kiss Paradise is all about kisses between gay guys. Where gay men and boys kiss each other with love or lust. This is a " How to kiss tutorial" for any circumstances.

Love is love #lgbt #gay #family #beautiful #marriageequality #samelove

This little girl loves her dads :) you can tell she is a happy little girl! I love to see kids happy with 2 great, loving parents. There are so many children being abused or brought up in a single parent house hold! God bless these dads!

An ex-Navy veteran Cory Huston was anxiously waiting for the return of his boyfriend U.S. Marine Avarice Guerrero from his mission in Afghanistan. When the marine finally arrived at Camp Pendleton, Huston dropped on one knee and asked Guerrero to marry him.    Huston’s proposal made history as this became the first proposal of marriage and engagement between two gay men, who are also war vets, on a U.S. military base.

Ex-Navy veteran Cory Huston proposing to boyfriend, U. Marine Avarice Guerrero, at Camp Pendleton after returning from Afghanistan; first proposal of marriage and engagement between two gay men, who are also war vets, on a U.

Ellen Page came officially came out today as gay, on Valentine's Day. I always knew she was a badass.

"As a girl, you're supposed to love Sleeping Beauty. I mean, who wants to be Sleeping Beauty when you can be Aladdin?" -Ellen Page (Sleeping Beauty is my first Girl I loved)

Josh Hutcherson, only 19 but he is an amazing activist who has helped launch a huge movement for ending bullying of gay and transgender young people.

Josh Hutcherson, Co-Founder of Straight But Not Narrow. SBNN is an organization that encourages straight people to accept and support the LGBT community & it helps gay people come out or get support from many people of many different sexual preferences.

Love has no gender and being gay is a blessing. ♥♥ Guy & Chris

If your gay be proud by true to yourself and if you see that special boy you love no matter what go after him, and love him Gay is nothing to be ashamed of of people can be straight they can also be gay