Crimean War, 1854-56: Colour Sergeant William McGregor, Scots Fusilier Guards. He wears genuine bear skin head gear and the sash of his rank. Also carries full pack and rolled-up blanket.

thecottonwoodkid: Colour Sergeant William McGregor, Battalion Scots Fusilier Guards, July He was wounded during the Battle at the River Alma on September 1854 and wears both the British Crimea and the Order of the Medjidie Turkish medals.

The survivors from the Charge of the Light Brigade : 13th Light Dragoons photographed n 1855 by Roger Fenton

My Great-Great-Great Grandfather Lieutenant George Melvin He's the one in the middle pictured with the long white beard. This photo was taken in India where my Great-Great Grandmother (his daughter) rode elephants to and from school daily.

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Photograph of three soldiers from the Coldstream Guards who served in the Crimean War. From left to right are Joseph Numa, John Potter and James Deal.

The Crimean War(1854-1856) demonstratedRussia's failure to industrialize. Russians were defeated by the Ottomans, who had the help Britain and France.

Photo showing officers of the Regiment posed before a conical tent with a dog in the foreground, taken during the Crimean War.

Crimean War - Ismail Pacha on horseback, with Turkish officers - by Roger Fenton, 1855

Ismail Pacha (General Kmety), on horseback, with Turkish officers during the Crimean War.