as true 23 years ago as it is today. infuriating & sad that we are still going round like this. Barbara Kruger, Untitled, 1989.

Rizzoli recently published a retrospective volume on conceptual artist Barbara Kruger. She has stayed busy since the Seventies creating an indigenous American form of public feminist art.

Barbara Kruger : You Are NOT YOURSELF ('83/84) - FRAGMENTED, BROKEN MIRROR, TENSION, NEGATION OF IDENTITY: Cultural Theory of schizophrenic subject (POSTMODERN) and dissolution of self

VC501 – Dissertation Preperation: Anti-Consumerism and Culture

This is called Untitled (You are not yourself), by Barbara Kruger, This is another edited image by here with a very direct message addressing feminism.

Your comfort is my Silence, 1981 // by Barbara Kruger

Your comfort is my Silence, 1981 // by Barbara Kruger. Conceptual artist and collagist. Known for her black/white/red propaganda posters, as well as her use of "We" "You" "I" etc, to create a stronger message.

This trademark is white letters against red background. Much of her text questions the viewer about feminism, classicism, consumerism, and individual autonomy and desire. This pertucalar picture 'Gender is irrelevant' has a strong outlook on feminism and equality and gives the impression that women and men are equal and both capable.

Gender is irrelevant - Feminism - Agender gender fluid

Barbara Kruger

Barbara Kruger, Untitled (How come only the unborn have the right to life?), 1992 photograph and type on paper 8 x 5 inches x cm)

Richter, Twombly Lead $2 Billion Basel Art Fair

Richter, Twombly Lead $2 Billion Basel Art Fair

Untitled (The Meaning Of Life Is That It Stops) by Barbara Kruger

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