Look Twice at These Ultra-Realistic Eye Drawings

"I've always loved to work with details, and drawing eyes seemed like the perfect challenge." amazing drawing of the eyes

How To Make Cute DIY Bottled Nebula

How To Make Cute DIY Bottled Nebula, with only coton, water and color- sooo easy!

Thank whoever made this because I constantly feel the same way< same << *sobs because beautifulness here*

Never Give Up on What You Love. I'll get there, one day my name will be on a Batman comic book.<<< this is one of the pictures I look at when I feel like my art is crap

Danielle Stratford - Mixed Media, Watercolor, Cotton Thread 4x5" Mini Artwork -- "In the Midst"

Think of stitching to add line to your compositions. Danielle Stratford - Mixed Media, Watercolor, Cotton Thread Mini Artwork -- "In the Midst"

Stop by james nares. Also good color pallet for a room

Teal Tide colour and pattern inspiration for Mamas and Papas baby stroller and pram from newborn.

Identity by on @deviantART

This is such a memorable image , but can't quite 'put my FINGER ' on why it is so memorable ? ( lol ) - Lovely piece joking ass-side though:

Simply one of my favourite sculptures. Antony Gormley.

"Loss" do escultor Antony Gormley, feita com blocos de aço inoxidável.

likeafieldmouse: Louise Bourgeois

redlipstickresurrected: Louise Bourgeois aka Louise Joséphine Bourgeois (French-American, b. Paris, France) - Untitled, 2002 Engraved Drawing: Wax Pencil on India Ink Prepared Board