Bad Wolf [Doctor Who]

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Lol nope>>Doctor who or gravity falls? Just in case i put it in both boards.>> Someday you could just walk past a fez? Never gonna happen! Serie Doctor, Grabity Falls, Never Gonna, 11th Doctor, Fandoms, Don't Blink, Torchwood, Matt Smith, David Tennant

But it is not this day!!

the doctor who fandom<< I laughed at this way more than I should've. David Tennant, Space Man, Trauma, Supernatural, Don't Blink, Torchwood, My Tumblr, Look At You, Dr Who
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I'm not far into Doctor Who, but I just saw this episode. and yeah, this line pretty much made me gush with happy. ^^^You should watch the rest of Doctor Who; Doctor Who, 10th Doctor, Fandoms Unite, Bbc, Don't Blink, Film Serie, My Tumblr, Dr Who, Superwholock
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Hello, I'm Sexy.

Adventures through time and space brought to you by Doctor Who, Torchwood, Mimisaurus, Capes and...

I will always see this as the most clever way to bring in a new Doctor. We were all Clara in that moment, this man was the Doctor but he had the wrong face. We couldn't see him. But we grew to love him like every Doctor before him. Doctor Who, 12th Doctor, Twelfth Doctor, Geronimo, Sherlock, Serie Doctor, Amy, Don't Blink, Peter Capaldi

Be strong in the times where you want to be weak. -Jensen Ackles

This was so beautiful... heartbreaking but beautiful.

"Why do you think, Dumbo?" Donna and The Doctor. Doctor Who, 10th Doctor, Twelfth Doctor, David Tennant, Space Man, Supernatural, Donna Noble, Don't Blink, Torchwood
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Poor Ten

David Tennant is MU Doctor :'( This breaks my heart. It wasnt the doctor that didnt wanna regenerate, it was David that didnt wanna leave AND NOW IM CRYING FUCK Doctor Who, 10th Doctor, Look At You, Just For You, Serie Doctor, Fandoms, Don't Blink, Torchwood, Film Serie
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The Doctor Who fandom . we must look so crazy to an Outsider. For instance this picture: a Roman soldier holds a dead girl while a man wearing a fez holds a mop from five feet away. just another day of Doctor Who. Thats The Way, That Way, Tardis, Out Of Touch, What Do You Mean, Don't Blink, Torchwood, You Draw, To Infinity And Beyond
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I love this line from the doctor&apos;s wife fandoms, doctor who quotes, st Doctor Who, Eleventh Doctor, Virginia Woolf, Celine Dion, Fandoms, Don't Blink, Torchwood, Film Serie, Time Lords

I've pinned this before, but I don't care. Too many feels to not repin

Who Two Hearts Applique Shirt Tutorial I look love this so much! It made me cry! It captures everything I love about Doctor Who!I look love this so much! It made me cry! It captures everything I love about Doctor Who! Matt Smith, David Tennant, Fandoms Unite, Geeks, Serie Doctor, Star Trek, Film Anime, Don't Blink, Torchwood

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That awkward moment when someone dies & comes back to life so you poke them. ▪ Doctor Who Geronimo, Tardis, When Someone Dies, Film Anime, 11th Doctor, Diy Doctor, Twelfth Doctor, Don't Blink, Torchwood
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Nerd humor, humour, doctor who funny, good doctor, doctor who h Doctor Who, Eleventh Doctor, Fandoms Unite, Don't Blink, Dalek, Bad Wolf, Cultura Pop, Dr Who, Superwholock

We've Found The Dalek's Only Weakness

We've Found The Dalek's Only Weakness - All Time Lord, All the Time

"This server at Olive Garden apparently decided to only use Doctor Who quotes while serving one evening, definitely worth a read. It made me laugh the whole way through." BEST SERVER EVER! <----My 2 favorite things! Olive Garden and doctor who! Crossover, Doctor Who Quotes, Olive Gardens, What Do You Mean, Don't Blink, Geek Out, My Tumblr, Dr Who, Superwholock
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Certain Doctor Who Phrases and how Olive Garden Customers React: An Experiment Done by a Server


I miss him and her together. The Doctor and Rose Tyler. Together in the TARDIS. ~ I wish we could have another Rose. She would have to be a bit older of course, to match our current doctor. Rose Tyler, Nos4a2, Rose And The Doctor, Bae, 10th Doctor, Bbc Doctor Who, Billie Piper, Don't Blink, I Miss Him
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Whovians confusing other fandoms Fandoms, Nos4a2, Don't Blink, Torchwood, My Tumblr, Look At You, Dr Who, Superwholock, Tardis
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Whovians :)

I'M DYING HELP<<<woooosh wooOooOsh woosh (that was the sound of the tardis materializing to help this poor dying soul) Sailor Fuku, Doctor Who, Don't Blink, Torchwood, Geek Out, Dr Who, Superwholock, Tardis, Just In Case

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This is seriously the best and most amazing thing EVER!!!