Ford Escort Mexico

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Vauxhall Astra GTE Mk1

Vauxhall Astra GTE for me ultimate hot hatch,llittle bit different,held road Sao on rails, do easy tune up ,total classic

Ford fiesta xr2. 1989

1987 Facelifted Ford Fiesta Looked better with the rounded off bonnet and slim grille.

Vauxhall Lotus Carlton. This remains unbeaten as the fastest production car EVER to hit the roads. The car itself was made by Vauxhall, which then got upgraded by Lotus and at 177mph, that is a VERY nippy 4-door car...

Quickest family sedan of its day - 177 mph top speed. The press thought it was downright irresponsible!

Ford Escort Mexico 1600 MKII (1977 - 1980).

Ford Escort Mexico 1600 MKII - kikke ik had er precies zo Kostte me een vermogen.

Rover SD1 1987.

Rover - would love to blast around the highways here in the US in one of these, confusing everyone!

Ford Escort RS Turbo -

Ford Escort RS Turbo -

1977 Ferrari 308 for Sale | 1977/4 Ferrari 308 GTB vetroresina for sale: Anamera

Ferrari 308 GTB vetroresina for sale: Anamera