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ELI5: Hinduism Infographic

Sanātana Dharma (Devanagari: सनातन धर्म meaning "eternal dharma" or "eternal order") which has been proposed as an alternative name for Hinduism (Hindi Hindu Dharm हिन्दू धर्म,) "Hinduism" is a fairly modern term promoted first by Westerners.

Vajrayogini, Indian Interpretation

Hūṃsvaranādinītārā - The Goddess Tārā Proclaiming the Sound of Hūṃ

Krishna With Deer and Peacock in Vrindavan. Another favorite I have hung over my writing desk.

Krishna Krishna Bolo by Pandit Jasraj. A Bhakti bhajan. Divine chant again

A friend returning from India and dealing with jetlag added a small line in an email to me – my goal today: to stay awake.

Lord Shiva #indian #hinduism #meditation

This is the the Hindu God Shiva and it describes what the each of the different objects mean. It shows how complex Hinduism Gods and Goddesses can have many different objects that each mean a specific thing to that person/deity.

What is Enlightenment? Living from a depth of life, not getting stressed in any situation, to be able to influence circumstances, rather than get influenced by them. If you could smile from the depth of your heart, somewhere deep inside of you... Because our very nature is enlightenment, that is why human and divine are not two things. Stress is the outermost cover, the plastic around the apple. Human is the outer skin and divine is the pulp inside.

The seventh incarnation of God Vishnu; the hero in the Hindu epic poem the "Ramayana".