Love the 3 port in take I think I just cum in my pants

this reminds me of the Pontiac firebird Frank had that was one of our first cars, God, we were 10 Beautiful Car Pictures -

Ford Escort mk1

Ford Escort they were an 'ordinary everyday car'.now regarded as a Classic! Certainly a unique shape, highly tunable and great handling.

1972 Ford Escort Cosworth Mexico...... Wanted one when I was 6 years old........ Still want one today at nearly 46!!!!!

1972 Ford Escort Cosworth Mexico - Retro Ford Magazine Car Of The Year 2011

Ford Sierra (Sapphire) RS Cosworth beast of a car , a real thing of beauty

Ford Sierra (Sapphire) RS Cosworth beast of a car , a real thing of beauty. Was gorgeous car 😍😍😍💖🚘

Ford Capri. The only British muscle car... Thanks Ford!!

1985 Ford Capri Pictures: See 13 pics for 1985 Ford Capri. Browse interior and exterior photos for 1985 Ford Capri.

Ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 4x4 Press Photograph

Earth Alone (Earthrise Book 1

The final rendition of the Sierra Cosworth, this time the 1990 Sapphire RS Far more subtle than the 3 door which went before it, but still with awesome power and handling

1974 Ford Capri

1974 Ford Capri

ford sierra cosworth

Photos of Ford Sierra RS Cosworth. Photo We have a huge collection of photos!