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The Night Vision Devices (NVDs) use the infrared light to make things visible. Infrared light It is the light having a wavelength greater than that of the red end of the visible light spectrum but less than that of microwaves.


Red is the colour at the longer wavelength end of the electromagnetic spectrum of visible light, next to orange. The colour red has a predominant light wavelength of roughly 620-740 nanometers.


According to the ancient Ayurveda texts, the human body is made up of five main ‘pranas’ or life energies, and these five elements correspond to each finger on our hand (the thumb indicates fire, index finger correlates with air, middle finger indicates sky, ring finger stands for earth and little finger indicates water).

These regions have remained the most protected and unexplored due to its susceptivity and some of the states have operational Inner Line Permit. Indian citizens desirous of visiting Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Mizoram are required to obtain Inner Line Permit, which is issued under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1873.

Air pollution in the national capital has surpassed the dangerous levels. With the degrading quality of air, the masks have become imperative for one for protection from the air pollution. The masks with the right filter type, right filter rating and right fit are some attributes of the mask that you need to keep in mind before buying.

It is interesting to note that Diwali is not just a festival of a particular religion; there are other religions associated with it. Like in Sikhism the foundation stone of the golden temple at Amritsar was laid on Diwali, in Jainism Mahavir Tirthankar, considered to be the founder of modern Jainism, attained nirvana.

The firework displays that are used during various events uses aerial shell fireworks. A short mortar made of steel pipe with a lifting charge of black powder exploding in the pipe launches the shell. When the lifting charge fires to launch the shell, it lights the shell's fuse. The shell's fuse burns while the shell rises to its correct altitude, and then ignites the bursting charge so it explodes.

The string of lights come in various sizes and colours. They come with timers that make them go on and off and make it seem like dancing lights. But as students, has anyone ever built one out of interest? Do we know whether, for instance, they are connected in series or parallel?

Different tastes of water depend on the environmental conditions of a region. Water is classified according to its source. Groundwater comes from wells and boreholes underground doen through chalk or sandstone rock. Surface water comes from rivers and reservoirs. About 70 per cent of water supplied comes from underground sources.

The demonetization announcement caught everyone off guard and the following days witnessed huge queues at banks and ATM machines. Some of this was anticipated, while chaos pertaining to ATM machine re-calibration was not. Bankers and ATM service providers faced two major issues—the quantum of money that needed to be refreshed, coupled with logistics and technical issues.