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I think this truth reveals a lot about humankind, but it also feels like a quote steeped in legend. Poem Quotes, Great Quotes, Words Quotes, Quotes To Live By, Life Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Sayings, Wisdom Quotes, Hatred Quotes
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"America, you are not eternal...you can fall."-Sethaka----- "Please, be careful." - Emma

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I love how recently I’ve been posting lots about new products and positive ideas that could suggest a positive future! Dm me any ideas you…

Mushrooms can be made into bricks that are strong enough for building structures. They are solid, lightweight, biodegradable, made with agricultural waste, and producing them creates no carbon emissions.

I think that any little bit helps and that regular people should be more conscious of the waste they're producing and the products they're using but I also agree that more large corporations need to stop polluting the earth John Maxwell, Pray For Venezuela, Leadership, Life Quotes Love, Daily Quotes, My Tumblr, Faith In Humanity, Statements, Reality Check
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Scale matters

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 more fish than plastic in the sea. more fish than plastic in the . mehr Fisch als Plastik im Meer. mehr Fisch als Plastik im Meer. Earth 3, Save Planet Earth, Save Our Earth, Love The Earth, Our Planet, Save The Planet, Our World, Plastic In The Sea, Image Citation
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Her name is Autumn Peltier Change The World, In This World, Faith In Humanity Restored, Intersectional Feminism, Badass Women, Equal Rights, The More You Know, Save The Planet, Social Issues
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That’s illegal! It’s illegal to remove Saguaros in Arizona at least and I assume other states as well Was Ist Pinterest, Pro Choice, The More You Know, Faith In Humanity, Social Issues, Worlds Of Fun, Social Justice, Change The World, Thought Provoking
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We are cleaning mother earth

We are cleaning mother earth

World leaders should not be marching, they should be changing their policy in meaningful and constructive ways You are in the right place about Trump Humor Here we offer you the most beautiful picture Prom Songs, Anti Racism, Equal Rights, World Leaders, Faith In Humanity, Social Issues, Humor, Social Justice, Equality
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The majority of politicians don’t even believe climate change or global warming exists. Global warming is not a theory it’s FACTS Save Planet Earth, Save Our Earth, Our Planet, Save The Planet, Our World, Angst Quotes, Quotes Quotes, Bee Quotes, Nature Quotes
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exactly on the subject but close enough

not exactly on the subject but close enough

Why can’t adults fix this Was Ist Pinterest, World Problems, Faith In Humanity, Social Issues, Global Warming, Social Justice, Climate Change, Equality, Things To Think About
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"Someone needs to explain to me why wanting clean water makes you an activist, and why proposing to destroy water with chemical warfare doesn't make a corporation a terrorist" Winona LaDuke Winona Laduke, Social Justice, In This World, Knowledge, This Or That Questions, Sayings, Drinking Water, Political News, Political Websites

Certain corporations are terrorists

"If you're not angry. then you're not paying attention." Passion for the environment is important in generating awareness about environmental issues. The depletion of our planet's natural resources is worth getting fired up about.


The blogger: a wandering bipedal ape (albeit less hairy than the average) Thanks for stopping by!...

Over students skip school in Belgium to protest climate change

Did you know each year a tree produces more than of oxygen? 🌲 Trees also create biodiverse environments, sustaining life for multiple creatures at a time. 🐞 So next time you see and tree don't forget to thank it 🌍 - - - For more photos like this ta