Katherine Morling

Katherine Morling makes a career out of making objects such as: sewing machines and stationary, out of paper. Her work must have taken a while to do due to the delicateness of it.
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katharine morling - ceramics (that look like line drawings!)

Amazing ceramic work by Katharine Morling. She translates loose and charming sketches into hard, three-dimensional art.

Butterfly Bubble by Katharine Morling - image by Stephen Brayne Dimensions: 30 x 50cm Materials: porcelain, black stain, glass and wire Techniques: Hand building

London based artist Katharine Morling crafts pieces of ceramic sketches in form and makes them look real-life objects.

Katharine Morling 'Once upon a Time' Porcelain and Black stain

Katharine Morling is an award-winning artist working in the medium of ceramics. She set up her studio in 2003 and

Katharine morling

katharine morling (The Jealous Curator)

Black and white line drawings that have magically become beautiful porcelain objects. Ok, it wasn’t magic, it was UK based artist Katharine Morling

Katharine Morling reinvents ceramics with a touch of the surreal

Katherine Morling's Sculptural Ceramics

Katherine Morling Porcelain and Ceramic Sculpture Collection. This is one of my favorite pieces by Kate Morling because of the details on the chair and the the table frame.

3D artwork by Katharine Morling, the English artist who do white #sculptures in porcelain and ceramic of still-life objects. Here we have backpack, #camera and much more stuff

3D Artwork by Katharine Morling

asylum-art: Katharine Morling creates whimsical, life-sized ceramic sculptures that look like paper sketches.

Boom by Katharine Morling; ceramicist extraordinaire!

Skilled Ceramicist Katharine Morling Lifts Her Paper Drawings From The Page