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The Spaniards in Hampstead dates from the seventeenth century and here the Gordon Rioters gathered in the seventeen-eighties, crying “No Popery!

Shawl, Spitalfields. Silk, England 1810 -1815.

Silk, England 1810 Spitalfields was the silk weaving district in London populated by mainly French Huguenot silk workers who fled to England to escape a religious purge.

Soap box

A Sterling Silver Soap Box by Anthony Nelme A Huguenot living in London (active died

Their cultivation was a tradition among the weavers in Spitalfields, where Huguenots introduced Auriculas to  England

Auriculas (Primrose) featured at the Chelsea Flower Show "With their silken perfection, jewel-like palette and delicate nature, auriculas have long captivated avid growers.