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Monster Munch by Holly Levell
Malcolm Smith Art
Crochet fish and chips by artist Kate Jenkins

GCSE Art & Design ESA 2019 - General Starting Points

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WHO: Ruth Allen WHAT: Pendants - collage, 30x40cm WHY: different types of paper, positive and negative space

GCSE Art & Design ESA 2019 - 7. Spaces

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Traffic passing over and under Vauxhall bridge in front of the MI6 building
The most abstract (and the largest) of all my pool paintings, called "Beneath the Surface". The original of this measures 48"x48", with prints of all sizes available on Fine Art America.

GCSE Art & Design ESA 2019 - 6. Habitats

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Eduardo Paolozzi... collages to show different things i am focusing on

GCSE Art & Design ESA 2019 - 5. Working

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John Constable, "Sunset study of Hampstead, looking towards Harrow"
Daria Hlazatova is an illustrator living near, and inspired by, the Carpathian Mountains. Her Slavic folk inspired work is incredibly rich in detail.
The Elements of Art Mind Map will help you to understand the various components of art such as light, shade, form and space

GCSE Art & Design ESA 2019 - 4. The Elements

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Candy King
My GCSE art title page for my 'INDULGENCE' project! Mixed media & acrylic #art #sweets #chocolate #indulgence #food #gcseart #gcse
Blog | Nchanting Whispers | All for you and one for all

GCSE Art & Design ESA 2019 - 3. Messages

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Rex Ray's art makes me happy! It's like a kaleidoscope!
Butterfly wing close-up photograph by: Darrell Gulin
Petra Börner

GCSE Art & Design ESA 2019 - 2. Abstract

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red #cabbage #texture #pattern
patterns are unusual and detailed and illuminate the texture of the leaf. The use of tone in this image also helps to identify the pattern as the shadows are darkened and the colours contrast each other.

GCSE Art & Design ESA 2019 - 1. Texture

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hettie brown
Tapestry with a modern twist! Grayson Perry – Tapestry

GCSE Art & Design ESA 2019 - Year 11

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lydias texture
Fishinkblog 7433 Mark Hearld 2
GCSE sketchbook - Looking into medication

GCSE Art & Design ESA 2019 - Other

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Faces par Vince Low : Portraits de Stars Dessinés en Gribouillage
Together and apart
presentation idea for photography A level

Year 11 Art & Design Exam 2018 - Q1-Human Figure

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chagall marc deux ttes la fentr | figures | sotheby's l16006lot8zjjyes More
Marc Chagall, The John Myatt Collection - Art - Castle
Rose Child from Kirsty Mitchell's stunning narrative photography gallery, "Wonderland". Fabulous photographer with entrancing images and a the most creative imagination ever.

Year 11 Art & Design Exam 2018 - Q2-Telling Stories

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hannah hoch - Google Search
Crochet fish and chips by artist Kate Jenkins

Year 11 Art & Design Exam 2018 - Q3-In the news

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Jason Twiggy Lott
Assemblage | Jason Twiggy Lott

Year 11 Art & Design Exam 2018 - Q4-Materials

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Impression, Sunrise by Claude Monet
Eva Rothschild
Pictures of Sunsets through Shattered Mirrors by Bing Wright - Google Search

Year 11 Art & Design Exam 2018 - Q5-Light & Dark

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Dancing teapots • Hennie Meyer Looks like it should be in Alice in Wonderland! Really Cool Design!
Now this is true creative art, not the stuff that looks like you sneezed in a canvas (miniature calendar)

Year 11 Art & Design Exam 2018 - Q6- In a different way

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AgeMaps is a project by photographer Bobby Neel Adams in which he does "photo surgery" on portraits to show two different moments in a person's life in the
paul kenton More
Last mile home - Christian Hook Focusing on the iconic tube line this piece shows London on a more personal scale, anyone who lives in London will easily relate to it

Year 11 Art & Design Exam 2018 - Q7-Connections

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♥ "Cat of China" by Oxana Zaika on ARTwanted.
Allan Innman
jose romussi

Year 11 Art & Design Exam 2018 - Inspirational starting Points

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Collage technique: use transparent tape to pick up words or patterns from book pages, magazines, napkins
RUBY SILVIOUS. To Walk in your Shoes (Series). Goauche and markers on used tea bags, 2015.
Newspaper Art Photoshop Action #photoeffect Download: http://graphicriver.net/item/newspaper-art-photoshop-action-/14103713?ref=ksioks

Year 11 Art & Design Exam 2018 - Experiment/Development

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GCSE-assessment-objectives-infographic.pdf *** bookmark, printable, display, sketchbook handout - help students know what they need to do!
How to Make an Art History Mini-Golf Course
When Annotating your sketchbooks and blog posts, refer to this hand out to help you discuss your work and your research.

Year 11 Art & Design Exam 2018 - Help & Organisation

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Charcoal Observational Drawings
Drawings Gallery | The art of Henrietta Harris
Luca Indraccolo's figure drawing demonstation.

Year 11 Art & Design Exam 2018 - Observational Drawing & Photography

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Fabric Origami Ornaments or Applique. Great for Christmas ornaments or additions to gift wrapping

Year 11 Art & Design Exam 2018 - Thumb Nails, Design Ideas, Final Piece

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bruce riley
Amy sedaris junk portrait-fun site! www.jasonmecier.com

Year 11 Art & Design Exam 2018 - Other

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Sarah Enoch, necklace, plastic
Yayoi Kusama @ Victoria Miro Art Experience:NYC http://www.artexperiencenyc.com/social_login
Mariana Ruiz Johnson Illustrations

Exam 2017

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Realist paintings from a series by American artist James Hollingsworth called 6×6
Inspiration for curiosity cabinets - assemblage art by Mike Bennion
Artodyssey: Audrey Flack

Exam 2016

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