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Jack MH

United Kingdom / Im a TransBoy artist and I love to draw! I have a deviantart account under the name of Eyeless-Jack10
Jack MH
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if there were one person on the Earth that I think could bring me good vibes, it's this man.

Who cares on how much someone weights it all about their inside

Weight doesn't matter unless you feel uncomfortable because of your own physique. If you're happy in your body, weight does at matter.

draw your OC's

croxovergoddess: “ croxovergoddess: “ croxovergoddess: “ My “draw the squad” memes so far ” Also you can buy my Ref folder here Patreon ” If you like my DTS please help me move by donating here!

I just like the dancing taco

I'm just pinning this because there is a DANCING TACO! Seriously, all everyone cares about is the immunity, but I just want my DANCING TACO dreams to come true!


It's Ruby ( From Jewel Pet, she is actually a bunny but still cute no? )<<<< cool that you could see that from her face close up


Draw a circle thats the earth! I AM HETALIA!<< Supernatural, Sherlock I think, Doctor Who and Rainbow Daaaash !

I hope it's true

of people marry their grade love since you have read this you will be told good news tonight. If you don't repost this your worst week starts now. He's soo perfect to me.

Well, that did wonders for Zuko and Aang.....

In ATLA when people are sucking they go to the source of what they are failing at, and it always helps them out. I didn't make that connection. BUT I still hate Korra.


I will defend my favorite character faster than I defend myself. It's funny 'cause it's true.>>> this is know lie I have seriously defended a character faster than I would have myself