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Autumn Style

Die neuesten Tweets von Zoella Follow Back (@Zozeebo): "I love this! Thanks Chezza @CherylOfficial! 💗

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It’s funny how as a youtuber I’m lucky enough to... (Joe Sugg)

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joe and zoe (zoella and thatcherjoe) turning joe into a grinch! go to either chanel to see the video

can i just say that if there is a sibling version of otp, like these siblings are perfect and so cute perfect siblings, joe+zoe, or harry+gemma are THE PERFECTEST SIBLINGS

Hey I'm Zoe! I love meeting new people and helping people, before my parents passed away they always said I have a giving heart, and I hope I can use this giving heart for the country I love! Like I said my parents passed away battling in war for our country so it's just me and my brother Joe, we live by ourselves because none of our family would take us in, we do fairly good, we both have jobs I'm a teacher and I also do some photography on the side and get some extra money, my family says

I wish I could meet you, Joe Sugg... But you're on the other side of the world