Jasmine Anthony

Jasmine Anthony

Chennai / Wishes that is'nt of big nor to be freaked!! I wish, but I wish and still I wish!!
Jasmine Anthony
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photo& me makeup: larry yeo Obsession. II Image collected in my photobook: Something Beautiful. larry mixed an amazing lipstick colour to match the purple of the flowers.


Purple is a royal color. If your livi ng room comes in the south east part of your house purple sofa is a good option to invite wealth into your home. Use it sparingly though as its a strong color and you don't want to go overboard

purple dice

Ever lost your boardgames dice? Blue Dice are the solution. Simply open application and Shake Device to randomly display two colorful Dice that will show your

The @Donna Linda State Building is pretty in purple. #NYC

If you visit NYC this summer for vacation, maybe you'll see this purple variant on a revered classic.