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Shiva & Sakti Ananda Tandav - Nararaja - Cosmic Dancer who vibrates everywhere

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While Krishna was playing with some herdboys, their ball fell into the river and Krishna jumped after it. The serpent Kāliya rose up with his hundred and ten hoods vomiting poison and wrapped himself around Krishna's body. Krishna became so huge that Kāliya had to release him. When he saw the Brij folk were afraid he sprang onto Kāliya's head and assumed the weight of the whole universe, and danced on the naga's heads, beating time with his feet.

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lord rama-ram-shree rama-hanumn-ramayana-dasa avatar-ayodhiya-ram mandir-Vaman avatar-vaman avatar-wamana avatara-lord buddha-visanu avatar-...

HiNDU GOD: Lord Rama

Modern house in vilnius by NG architects

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bala murugan, at least once I must try to draw this good picture of my dear Murugan Lord

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