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This is an image of a teenaged girl. There are two teenage girls in my film opening. This image shows a brief understanding of what the two female teenagers look like.

Fields of Gold & Strawberries

Fields of Gold & Strawberries

This is photo goalsI would loveeee to go strawberry picking now but I can't because it's the start of November❤️

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Zoella is earning a crazy amount of money each month

calling all uk zoella fans june is a very important the start of the zoella book club Source by

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"Hey, I'm Zoe, i have a pretty rough past. I did some pretty unexplainable things.

24 years old Youtube blogger Zoe Sugg recently purchased a mansion worth £1million and is inspiring a new generation of vloggers. Zoe began her career as a teenager in 2009 posting videos on YouTube about fashion and beauty from her bedroom. 7 million subscribers later the internet superstar better known as Zoella, has bought herself a five-bedroom mansion in the Brighton area. Miss Sugg christened the house the 'Zalfie Pad.'

The Great Comic Relief Bake Off 2015 - Cube Brushed Steel Stool White